Symposium, Wednesday 28 November , 2012

Sponsored by the Centre for Creative Arts at La Trobe University, VIC

with support from the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney, NSW

This symposium, hosted by La Trobe University’s new Centre for Creative Arts with the support of UWS’s Writing and Society Research Centre envisages a space for material/conceptual provocations surrounding the questions:

  • what is writing in the posthumanities?
  • what kind of generative spaces emerge where the borders between disciplines –art, humanities and the sciences– blur and merge?
  • what does an understanding of the materiality of writing do for creative practice?
  • how do encounters between new and old technologies/concepts/ practices reconfigure our understandings of art, literature, authorship, creative process, collaboration, the body and agency?

Textobjectext: writing the posthumanities offers a place to advance ideas, collaborate on projects, and showcase some emerging work in the fields of new materialism and posthumanism, specifically at the points at which these intersect with writing. A series of conversations between new and established text-based artists and scholars will be facilitated and supported, resulting in new collaborative opportunities across institutions, practical exchanges, and expanded understandings of the potentialities of practice in the twenty-first century.

The symposium will extend the material/conceptual adventurousness fostered by the text-object encounter to its program’s format, allowing for provocations and responses that are site and/or content responsive, given the reciprocity between form and content that a textual-art continuum seems to suggest. The symposium will include scholarly presentations and text-making workshops.

Workshopping artists and the texts their sessions yield will be eligible for inclusion in an online exhibition in the Centre for Creative Arts’ pioneering Gallery Ellipsis… .

textobjectext is Suzi Hayes, PhD candidate, School of Communication, Arts and Critical Enquiry, La Trobe University, and Kay Rozynski, DCA candidate, Writing and Society Research Centre, University of Western Sydney


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